Beginners Guide To Meditation – What You Need To Know

Beginners Meditation TechniquesMeditation is something that can be highly beneficial in your life, and if your are new to meditation you are likely wondering how you should get started.  Don’t fret this isn’t rocket science and you can start benefiting from simple meditation techniques today. The first thing you need to understand is the basic steps of meditation.  The real key to learning how to properly meditate will be unlocked to you by following just a few key steps.

We are going to start things out by choosing an out of the way and quiet area to start our meditation. Think about somewhere you feel comfortable and that does not have a lot of things to distract you. I personally like to meditate in my garden, so long as its a quiet day and the weather permits it is a perfect place to feel the relaxation and get into the state of mind i need for meditation.

[box color=”blue-mute” type=”square” icon=”asterisk”]Just imagine trying to meditate in a crowded or busy place like your living room right after the kids get home and they’re watching cartoons and fighting with each other about which channel they want to watch. This is an important step and finding a good spot to meditate is pivitol to how much you will get out of your beginners meditation experience. After all we don’t want you to give up before you even get started do we.[/box]

While you are just beginning it might be best to start your meditation inside rather than outside. This is because you really need a super quiet environment when your first starting out. Once you train your mind you will be able to move into slightly more noisy environments like the outdoors. It should also be said that noise and interruptions can really interfere and cause you to come out of your meditation experience, so only go outdoors if you live in a quiet area. If you live near a roadway it simply wont work out. this is why indoors is best for now.

Beginners Meditation GuideAfter you find the serene environment you plan on meditating in we are going to get into a proper sitting posture that will help us get into and stay in our meditative state of mind. Mastering the correct body posture is important since you will be sitting in the same position for long periods of time, and your back and leg muscles can easily cramp and cause you pain if you don’t assume the correct posture. If you do not get into a comfortable and stable position i guarantee you will find your body hurting more after your beginners meditation experience than before you started. Not only that the pain will almost guarantee that you don’t reach a proper meditative state of mind. Which put in a nutshell means, if you don’t get your posture right, meditation wont work.

At first we are going to start by finding a comfortable position that works for you. This can be lying down, sitting in a chair, or sitting on the floor. We recommend trying to sit on a chair first. Hold your shoulders directly positioned over your hip area. Try to relax your neck and hold your chin in a comfortable position not too far up or down. Try to relax your arms and hands on your lap with your palms up. This position should feel comfortable, if it doesn’t feel good try laying down instead.

Now its time to clear your mind and attempt to focus your thoughts. We recommend focusing on your breathing at first. Close your eyes and just focus all your thoughts on your breathing, in and out. Try not to think about anything except your breathing right now. This is also where some people decide to say some sort of mantra over and over to get them into the rhythm of their breathing.

[quote type=”medium” align=”left”] The idea is to stay in a constant rhythm and keep your thoughts clear of outward ideas and thoughts. This meditation is focused on relaxing your body and mind, which will help cut the stress of your day, and even lower your blood pressure and other health benefits. [/quote]

The last thing i want you to be aware of is your passive awareness of the world around you. When you reach a meditative state you will be completely aware of your surroundings and still be completely relaxed. The ability to master your surroundings while under meditation is what you are learning how to do. Once you are comfortable with your surroundings and are not constantly being pulled out of meditation you will get the most from your meditation. This will not happen overnight, and it will continue to grow as you practice.

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