Bliss by Yogini (Moola Mantra audio track)

Yogini aka Katarina Di Leva singing the Moola Mantra. The Moola Mantra is a powerful universal invocation of the one Divine Presence in your heart, which might be very personal to you. Chant or play this mantra whenever you feel to connect, to convey gratitude or in moments when you require help or guidance from the Divine. The chanting goes like this: “Om Satchitananda Parabrahma Purushottama Paramatma Sri Bhagavati Sametha Sri Bhagavate Namaha”. And these are the original words in Devanagari (Sanskrit letters): ॐ सत्चितानान्दा परब्रम्ह पुरषोत्तम परमात्मा श्री भगवती समेत श्री भगवते नमः View Katarine Di Leva’s illustrated profile at This track is available on the CD “Om Deeksha”, a meditation music compilation, or as an amazon/itunes digital download. More about Oneness at

18 responses to “Bliss by Yogini (Moola Mantra audio track)”

  1. vapurzaa says:

    I love u ammabhagwan…..

  2. Jovrjo says:


  3. EverettMcLemore says:

    Perfect and entire.

  4. poorjudjement says:

    This music is ingrained in my very essence, my very being, my birth to awareness of the I that I Am…it brings me to the cradle of L O V E

  5. bikasran says:

    absolute bliss..i feel like flying with all tension gone

  6. librant1 says:


  7. osorno387 says:

    Muchas gracias, querida hermana, desde Chile.

  8. BirthingDivinity says:

    LOVE THIS>>> THANK YOU>>>> I am not yelling that is my love growing So BIG <3

  9. clamont56 says:

    Very beautiful sounding and wonderful prayer also. deiddrummer1

  10. louisesvane73 says:

    Thank you. Blessings fram Denmark

  11. fairyfairylover123 says:

    so beautiful

  12. oshopremparas says:

    oh i just float wid tiz mantra.

  13. oshopremparas says:

    am addicted to tiz track n listens to it evry morning as i wake up to get drunk D BLISS.

  14. hineethkumar says:

    thanks for uploding i express love of my life partner and my friend. Thank you so much i will pray for your best.

  15. Beachdude722 says:

    This is beautiful, just loved it

  16. hilmaganga says:

    Simply transendental.,bliss in every tune .,every heartbeat get its bliss.,ananda.,.,making our bodies lift from its form,..,,..,bliss into the ears of the very precence only,-,.,.love-.-,-,.soothing every cell to awkening.,vlissing our existence.,.,thank you Maneesh de Moor.,.,sor this very very beautifull peace!!!!!may it tpouch all woth its grace,..,!

  17. worldofoneness says:

    It’s available on the compilation “Om Deeksha” by Maneesh de Moor, altogether a beatiful CD.

  18. TanacetumBalsamita says:

    gràcies / gracias