Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra Aum bhur-bhuvah-svah Tat-savitur-varenyam Bhargo devasya dhimahi Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

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24 responses to “Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra”

  1. Rosabely says:

    I LOVE IT!!!! Ufffff!!! Maravilloso!!!!

  2. orbouris says:

    Beautiful! thank you, Mother Earth needs us at this time as she goes through her birthing pains,you are the ‘pillars of light’ remember to send that light into her crystal heart to ease he pain xxx

  3. cigale13200 says:

    magnifique,reposante,un pur régal pour les yeux et les oreilles….

  4. ururuty says:

    I ask all spiritual people to watch his videos 777ALAJE and lets send love to our planet every day and make it better:) love and light to all

  5. crabylina says:

    Que belleza!! la música toda relajación y las imagenes dignas de la belleza de nuestra marabillosa madre tierra, Namaste.

  6. Conosur2008 says:

    “Through the coming, going, and the balance of life. The essential Nature which illuminates existence is the adorable one. May all perceive through subltle itellect the brilliance of enlightenment”. Translation from Deva Premal’s album The Essence.

  7. Conosur2008 says:

    Fantástico el video y la música!!!! Gracias!!!!

  8. knblutz says:

    The drums are great….and as for the song… is so ancient I can smell it. xo

  9. shahman121 says:

    This is Thousands of years old and still present [Gayatri Mantra] oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ tat savitur vareṇyaṃ
    bhargo devasya dhīmahi
    dhiyo yó naḥ pracodayāt Oh God! Thou art the Giver of Life,Remover of pain and sorrow,
    The Bestower of happiness,
    Oh! Creator of the Universe,
    May we receive thy supreme sin-destroying light,
    May Thou guide our intellect in the right direction.
    [ Gayatri Mantra]
    ॐ भूर् भुवः स्वः
    तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं ।
    भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि ।
    धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥

  10. rcapote333M says:

    Me encanta la Musica,solo quisiera que fuera traducido al Espanol (o sea la letra), si se,a quien va dirigida estos Mantras porque su Divinidad esta en mi Ser, o sea somos uno, gracias, los Amos y les tengo mucho Respeto, continuen con este grandioso programa, espiritualmente nos hace mucha falta. Jose R.Capote.

  11. knblutz says:

    I think the drumming and background emphasizes the music. xo

  12. tadeusz108 says:

    Sandra, pode procurar em WIKIPEDIA ? Mas sanscrita e dificil para tradução, muito dificil …
    You can find a lot of information in english, but you can believe me – it is job for all life !!! I know it because of my studies many years ago. Best wishes. Tadeusz (Poland/UK)

  13. smvi800 says:

    Por favor, pode postar a tradução deste mantra em portugues??
    Gostaria de saber o significado dela…
    muito agradecida!
    Sandra Vieira

  14. petarpironkov says:


  15. epitelionew says:


  16. ahealingplace says:

    can this version of this song be purchased?

  17. Leviathan017 says:

    the sacred essence of god expressed in sound…. mesmerizing video , thanks uploader , we appreciate it.

  18. wisesakura says:

    I like the original, but this version has these unnatural background noises

  19. 52lovehearts says:


  20. yadukrishna5382 says:

    bom bholae

  21. phebesalvatore says:

    could’ve done with a less accented Sanskrit pronunciation- but love it! XD

  22. bunionblood8 says:

    incredible compilation 

  23. nandoberruy says:

    gracias por los comentarios!!

  24. Mazzystar0 says:

    It is the peace I believe that practicing religion is supposed to give me. I guess what I am trying to say is there is hope for me to obtain that spiritual peace that I envy that others seem to have in whatever religion they are practicing. Thank you Deva for all your hard work and please continue for future generations.