Deva Premal & Miten – 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey – Insights Into How Mantras Work

Deva & Miten offer some beautiful insights into how mantras can affect our physical bodies with their particular sound vibrations, creating a sacred geometry…

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  1. MrRoma363 says:

    when you come to tallinn7
    i hope to see you)

  2. MrRoma363 says:

    tallinn-evolution dymension

  3. MrRoma363 says:


    =)ewerything is ok
    jesus,buddha,osho,krishna,our team))))

  4. Rosa Virginia Ordonez F says:

    Excelente! graciasssssssssss

  5. GabrielKundalini says:

    Beautifully said, thanks for sharing.

  6. GabrielKundalini says:

    Aw, you guys are so dang sweet. Thanks.

  7. Robert Humphrey says:

    Heart felt thanks for all that you contribute to the lives and beings of so many. Namaste

  8. yelapaangel says:

    I had an amazing experience at the end after the mantra when you, Miten said that we are all connected, I started crying so much, it felt like the pain in my back represented the pain of humanity, actually of all sentient Beings! I know now more than ever that by finding inner peace in this body of Angelika the whole world will become peaceful! Namaste Love and Light

  9. María Emilia Gagneten says:

    Wonderful!!! I’ve been studying about those patterns after vibrations. So nice to listen to you. Good for our everyday life. Namaste. María Emilia

  10. veric2222 says:

    Love you guys so much! thank you :]

  11. smilingblissgoddess says:

    Really really beautiful description Deva Premal and Miten , two beautiful spirits of light that you are thank you <3

  12. Janiah says:

    Than you Deva and Miten. Namaste’

  13. jess McConaha says:

    I love you guys!
    I didn’t realize the journey had started yet, oh well at least I’m only a couple days behind & can catch up! 😉

  14. Dawn Newton says:

    I even have documentation of the state my back was in guys; and all my records of being on welfare and trying to get my SSI this past five years. . . THESE MANTRAS CAN CHANGE the BODY’S vibration . . . allowing us to UPLOAD those higher Aspects of our SELVES who can WALK eh???? AGAIN BOW! Giggle Lovies Dawn Newton

  15. Dawn Newton says:

    AWE YOU TWO are cute as a button. . . you make me giggle with your FEEL. .. BLess your heart. The MANTRAS are changing my body suit as I type guys; I did the last one with you all from my bed (for the most part) for the last FIVE YEARS. . . and NOW, I’m UP and walking; driving, did some massage on someone the other day; so I AM RECREATING ME NOW from this NEW BODY SUIT and I KNOW with ALL MY ABILITY to FEEl sharing the MANTRAS with me; caused this miracle into affect. BOW, Giggle. . LOives Dawn

  16. pascal tenfelde says:

    Love you guys!!!

  17. chetana annette says:

    beautiful message, beautiful journey…. love you both! estas guapisima Deva… <3

  18. 1Veetnisha says:

    So natural beautiful- the mantras also as Deva and Miten! <3 Om shanti om! 🙂

  19. Frédérique Marcoux says:

    Namaste.  I look forward to your concert in Montreal on Sunday.

  20. Pamegmv says:

    Namaste!. <3

  21. maria angelica Barreto says:

    Por favor si pueden subtitular en español, muchas gracias NAMASTE ♥

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  25. Julia G says:

    just witnessed your performance and sharing last night in chicago. thank you. <3