Ganpati Mool Mantra

14 responses to “Ganpati Mool Mantra”

  1. rajamohankg says:

    what a magical chant ! Thanks so much !

  2. Zsukam says:

    VEry nice, Thank you! <3

  3. AphroditeEros33 says:

    <3 beautiful! thank you so much for making & sharing*^o^* Om Shanti Shanti Shanti <3

  4. SweetGirish46 says:

    : It is from the album ‘Divine Chants Of Ganesh’ by Uma Mohan.
    If you can afford, buy the track or the album instead of doing illegal downloads.

  5. pranaphotog says:

    who sings this song and how can i download it?

  6. gauravrattan7 says:

    Absolutly Precious gift from Ganpati jii..

  7. madvaps says:

    i love this

  8. sonu6079 says:

    may ! lord ganesha bless me and all the my family with HIS blessings.
    om ganeshaye namahay

  9. MegaAnjoo says:

    this is one of my mantra of my gana
    hes always here for me
    always here lightening my way
    i bow to u lord ganesha …touch ur lotus feet so blessed with ur bliss gana

  10. 9964DL says:

    OM GAM GANPATAYE NAMAHA I always listen to this mantra I love this way of your singin and the music is also GREAT and verry peacefull for maditation this Ganesha name is also my last name and he helps me alway’s when I need him God Bless you

  11. asudhir1 says:

    its great to hear

  12. rameshv1961 says:

    nice and beautiful

  13. soultalker5 says:

    The best 4 minutes and 58 seconds I ever enjoyed in my life! Jai Ganesha Namah!!!

  14. 41avenue says:

    This video is great. Thank you very much keep this everyday.