Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra with the Flower of Life. Music by Deva Premal, from the DVD “Yantra Mantra- Sacred Light Sacred Sound.” available at Gayatri Mantra from the album ‘Deva Premal & Miten In Concert.’ Used under license. Composed by Miten and Deva Premal. © ℗ 2009 Prabhu Music. Yantra Mantra © 2010 CodeName MANA, LLC.

25 responses to “Gayatri Mantra”

  1. Janet Sue Gagliardi says:

    absolutely fantastic!

  2. CaelestisRising says:


  3. aggabus says:

    great dome frame

  4. yayefall1 says:

    very nice cannel_love and light for your hard

  5. 2730Luana says:


  6. wizardmori says:

    I am my life, I am the history, I am the world, I am whole all total entire field territory domain area everything, I am all space-time, self is its my center nuclear core, self is super best being, self is the most hyper splendid superior existence, in it.

  7. trayyarden says:

    nice, but it’s hard to understand because of the pronunciation, also it seems they miss to say “naha” :c

  8. Monica Dutra Gomes says:

    Adoro esse mantra e com estas imagens então… uma bela viagem! Enjoy it! _/\_

  9. Pritasha Singh says:

    To jesus christo disse

    Only the Truth itslef the almighty bhagwaan can help you find peace. But its not jesus himself he is only son of God son of Bhagwan Himself that can give you peace its your inner self and inner conciousness that can give you peace. Hindus are the worlds most peaceful people….

    Jai Gayatri Mata

  10. lilium789 says:

    Much loveeeeeeeee and Light!

  11. ururuty says:

    Think with love, love yourself and others, take all this for what it is, think about what you want (without focusing on the negative), and everything in your life will be fine), you just need to allow yourself to be happy, because we all deserve it, and then the whole universe will help you achieve the divine happiness) “love energy” also helps to live in love and harmony), love and light to all), the more good people and good thoughts, the happier life on the planet), all is for the better)

  12. shash singh says:

    commendable effort, but im sorry to say the pronunciation is so mangled i can barely understand it. its like one of those stereotypical british officers trying to speak hindi in an indian movie

  13. steveo17 says:

    there lie the problem with the christian. you are so full of yourself in the name of christ. you shout this isn’t peace. if jesus provides you with peace great, but recognize that everyone is not a reflection of you. you are one in seven billion. if you expect everyone to agree with your defintion of what peace is or any ideology you possess, your simply out your mind. stop acting like you know more than you do. when it comes to the truth your clueless. we all are, but will find out soon enough.

  14. 1Christconsciousness says:

    beautiful and even breathtaking.

  15. ashu4253 says:

    grtly sung its admirable

  16. ashu4253 says:

    frst u see the meaning u bloody fool f0000000000000 mother  orthodox christian

  17. patrickjuliao says:

    Não há dúvida de que esta paz é uma mentira!
    There is no doubt that this peace is a lie!

    Jesus Cristo disse:
    Deixo-vos a paz, a minha paz vos dou. Eu não dou, como o mundo dá. Não perturbe o vosso coração, não tenha medo.
    Jesus Christ said:
    I leave you peace, my peace I give unto you. I do not give, as the world gives. Do not disturb your heart, do not be afraid.

    Somente Jesus Cristo pode lhe dar a verdadeira paz!
    Only Jesus Christ can give true peace!

  18. patrickjuliao says:

    Concerning Jesus Christ:
    Because a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government is on their shoulders. And he shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace Isaiah 9:6

    En ce qui concerne Jésus-Christ:
    un enfant né pour nous, un fils nous est donné, et le gouvernement est sur ​​leurs épaules. Et il sera appelé Merveilleux Conseiller, Dieu puissant, Père éternel, Prince de la Paix Isaïe 9:6

  19. withholeyshoes1 says:

    So beautiful…thank you!


    God Is In Sacred Geometry @L.O.V.E. 

  21. biggmoneyme says:

    wish i could pronounce it lol

  22. Sarah Bensing says:

    I could listen to this all day and night, sooooo soothing 🙂

  23. tibisound says:

    doesn’t work without the numbers
    you must build the matrix in 3d becouse any divindig by 7 doesn’t give 3 9 of 6
    after six digits so it’s easy to start evrywhere in a matrix nr are repeating

  24. kalikitty2000 says:

    Not all from US are, er, so harsh. 🙁 sorry you need to negatively judge us all based on an actions of a few

  25. coopersarah1991 says: