Heart Mantra

Enjoy the Soothing Music

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12 responses to “Heart Mantra”

  1. siva sunder says:

    teyatha om gathe gathe paaraagathe para samgathe bodhi svaha

  2. PandielmohumAniemoh says:

    In gratitude . Blessings from my heart to your Heart and all those close to your heart . JSK

  3. SafiraAppollo says:

    can you add the lyrics to this?

  4. annbjarb says:


  5. RexBer says:

    Just to let you know – it’s not sung in Chinese (see watch?v=ciYO7mWq3Og), which of course does not mean it’s not sung by a Chinese 🙂

  6. kahnmoon says:

    because you recognise it and your heart is opening. love you brother.

  7. 012751W124K says:

    : )
    because it reminds you how kind those bodhisatvas and mahasatvas are. They’re trying to save humans since a loooong time ago, but humans just never listens.

  8. gabriyiela says:

    gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā

  9. MUSICOBLISS says:

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    Love and Light


  10. theiceman74 says:

    why this make me feel cry????

  11. Sweetydale says:

    Itz a Chinese Album - Prajan Paramita Heart Mantra

  12. nabnab70 says:

    soothing music and mantra, may I know who is the Singer or from which album?