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  1. tekis0 says:

    Yes, thank-you Babaji and thank-you Yogananda for introducing me to Babaji! Peace.

  2. tekis0 says:

    Yes, it’s great!

  3. truecoment2010 says:

    Mahaavatar baba was demon created by a fool nagraj

  4. Nana velez says:

    Que paz se experimenta,Dios lindo te amo.

  5. MegaE5150 says:

    What exactly does this mantra do? I want to start chanting it but it would help if I know what I am bringing to me.

  6. Filomena Costa says:

    Estou feliz em meu encontro com Bábaji e com a kryia, a consciência do divinoe do humano. Om!

  7. Key Andrew says:

    Humanity one’s only Religion, Breath one’s only Prayer and Consciousness one’s only God

  8. Bi3neMaya says:

    ♥ Om Kriya Babaji Namah Aum ♥

  9. 13kleofas says:


  10. oshopremparas says:

    dats gud d very term few other gods u used shows a light. . .as v all r gods deep inside. . but sieeping gods. . as v awaken v r no far n diffrent from budha krishna or jesus…may d awakening prevail in u. om shanti.

  11. gerundino98 says:

    As a true God I have no problem accepting a few other nice gods – but they look better covered in FOAM LOL

  12. oshopremparas says:

    thr is only one god. . .ur mine his her evryone,,s d cosmic consciousness which is foamless yet present in evry foam. om shanti. ,

  13. Cata23RO says:

    Babaji is not a divine personality, he have power from the devil to do paranormal thinghs the devil work by him he sold her soule to demon God said to us that a lot of ‘gods’ will appear in the end of time and they will do miracles to impress weak people who dont hav a strong faith. shiva,etc this are gods invented,because this is what the devil wants is to dont know the Truth God, we sin not an hour, not a day, we sin a life untill when God will wait for u wake up before will be late.

  14. TheDarvinH says:

    Om Kiriya Babaji Namah Aum!

  15. rmazelsky says:

    one of the best chants on Utube

  16. MrBKreeves says:

    it doesnt matter. the whole point is evolution of soul. jesus’ soul was evolved to the point where he was in touch with source (god). Jesus was a teacher and taught that every soul has the same power as his own, and that your faith is in direct proportion to your relationship with source (god the father). We are all god. god is inside of us all, its up to you to let him be shown through you.

  17. playcard120 says:

    how intelligent!! thanx

  18. MrBKreeves says:

    is this video supposed to make you feel crazy good and all jiggly inside, or is that im really high? lol its probably combination. mostly the video tho. 🙂 THUMBS UP! ppppppeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeee llllllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Psikonort says:

    ????? !!!!!!

  20. SamuelSataniel says:

    Jesus’ mission was the most unique. Fully identified with God the Son “Christ Consciousness” incarnate he came to die for the “sin of the world” which was self, to crucify self. The Jewish People lost their way and were self-righteous, self-gratifying, self everything in those days and the Christ would show them how to free themselves of their self. Jesus exemplified the giving up of self on the Cross and resurrecting/ascending making a universal pattern for all souls to follow.

  21. SamuelSataniel says:

    Babaji is not Jesus Christ’s master. According to Yogananda Babaji is in constant communion with Jesus Christ. Babaji is in his body, Jesus is in spirit. If anything Jesus is the Master of masters according to Edgar Cayce the most gifted psychic. So according to the Gurus who brought us Self-Realization, Babaji is the greatest Indian saint and modern day avatar.

  22. Psikonort says:

    I just had a trancendent spiritual experience of a profound & sacred nature whilst chanting with this Mantra.

  23. lakshmi1757 says:

    Om namah shivaya !!!

  24. MaBu888 says:

    Hee did.

  25. MaBu888 says:

    The one in this video is not a god but a messenger. do not kill him like Jesus was killed.