Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (Hinduism) & Medicine Buddha’s Mantra

Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (Hinduism) & Medicine Buddha’s Mantra Peace and Love for All

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  1. TheZenith333 says:

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  2. briankwilcox says:

    Wow! OM

  3. JolandaCeplak says:

    Where is this from? (cd?)

  4. russ bere says:

    OOMMMMMMMM budum bumdedum…OOMMMMM magomdong de dong ooowiddy dooo…
    great stuff…

  5. meryqn says:


  6. heinbraat says:

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  7. drsaneev says:

    Om Namaha Shivay……….om

  8. thesuperveiga says:

    Tks for sharing, is wonderful!!
    Hari Ommm

  9. carolyn6013 says:

    I repeat this mantra as I walk through my forest in Northern BC It brings me peace
    Peace to all of you

  10. watchmeuser says:


  11. peresant123 says:

    Moltes gracies Tibissimo. Sensacional !!!

  12. Namlos6206 says:

    impressing. thank you. when and where is this mantra to purchase ?

  13. wedding57 says:

    see meaning of mantra in books 108 saints of india

  14. Patricia Krahenbuhl says:

    les vibrations sont puissantes

  15. MsPixies55 says:

    Thank you so much. Love. Namaste

  16. Emilie Svobodová says:

    Velmi příjemná meditace ♥ 

  17. 2730Luana says:

    beautiful I like, agradable

  18. GonKhmer100 says:

    Please tell me where I can purchase this Great Mantra Song. Great job and thank for sharing. Yito

  19. MegaNeonlicht says:

    wahnsinn, mir gefällt es , i like it

  20. Phonologie says:


  21. анела авомуан says:

    I like it greatly. The most healthy and wealthy mantra.

  22. ambivalentsounds says:

    ^°^  = indian smiley! 😉

  23. soni1130 says:

    It is the way it has been passed down the generations.

  24. lmpatnaik says:

    very reassuring of our self

  25. Serendipitous1971 says:

    Very pleasant 🙂 Thank you