Mahamrityunjaya Mantra – Nina Hagen

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  1. TheAndromelek says:

    yes, is the same. also sings with rammstein and others.

  2. Kimberle Menardi says:


  3. nicolekaro13 says:

    Is it the same Nina Hagen that sings with Apocalyptica?!

  4. musiksaya1 says:

    रोबर्ट is saved by him ,greetings रोबर्ट

  5. nargis103 says:

    Har Har Mahadev, please watch my Mahashivaratri video! IT’S GOOD!

  6. moojr111 says:

    Guy, u can’t just chant mantras without getting a blessing of a guru first.. Chanting without a guru or without fully understanding of mantras doesn’t get u any where.. This mrityunjai, has to be chanted in a different way/ tone/ rhythm.

    If ur looking to relax, just chant “om”.. The vibration of om is a vibration that cleanses negativity..

  7. kingdecemberblue says:

    album: Om Namah Shivay- Nina Hagen, tis available on

  8. simplydeva says:

    probably the most beautiful song i’ve ever heard.

  9. ilsesweetman says:

    Please could you tell me where I could buy this? I would like to incorporate this into my meditation practice. Many thanks.

  10. ilsesweetman says:

    Thank you for sharing this profoundly beautiful and moving mantra.

  11. ayurveda1008 says:

    your all right in your debate is fun….laugh continue….what a game this life is truly

  12. ramaraksha01 says:

    Ah the frog sat in the well & thought this must be the whole universe. Just because we learned a bit about ourselves doesn’t make us knowledgeble. The true seeker is forever learning. Do have a problem with surrender - that’s where terrorists are born. The surrender to their god & are ready to do evil based on his “wishes” – Stand up – God doesn’t need a slave.

  13. robwilly1 says:

    If En-lighten-ment was acquired through knowledge alone, there would be many more among us who have made that goal instead of the very few. Knowledge+surrender+high energy=enlightenment. The artists singing these mantras can assist to elevate the mind, and in so doing create enhanced energy and surrender. All the help one needs is available now, so appreciate the gifts. May God bless you all.

  14. ramaraksha01 says:

    We have a saying in Telugu: “mantralaku chintakayalu raaluna?” – meaning Will fruit fall down because you chanted some mantras? If they make you feel good fine, but use that feeling to make this a better world, help your fellow man, then only will you get close to God, not just because you chanted some words.

  15. ramaraksha01 says:

    Not exactly, but close, lol. All these are concepts that’s all. We are ALL searching for this entity called God. All religions are but concepts, their views on God. This is just my view, based on my life spent as a Hindu. I ask you not to dismiss my views simply because you read something else in an ancient book. Do my views make sense? God is found in your heart, never forget that. What does your heart say?

  16. agrawal83774 says:

    best mantra i ever know
    all beautifull in words and sound

    per example: urwar = althochdeutsch (hörbar)
    Radha (Rada = ein althochdeutscher Name)

  17. haitipi says:

    In other words, YOU are God and can choose what is true?

    God may have another opinion.

  18. ramaraksha01 says:

    Let’s dump this vile, abusive, disgusting concept of Hell. God buys love & loyalty with the threat of torture? A Gandhi, Teresa, Mandela would never think of torturing their enemies, whereas a Saddam, Hitler, Stalin would. This is the company that God keeps?

    Karma & Rebirth is the better way, the non-violent way. You are not punished, nor are you simply forgiven because you begged enough. You are reborn, given another chance to make amends.

  19. pankaj0301 says: