Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Om Tryambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushhtivardhanam Urvarukamiva bandhanan mrityor mukshiya maamritath. We worship Shiva – The Three-Eyed Lord Whose eyes are the Sun, Moon and Fire Who is fragrant and nourishes all beings; May he protect us from all disease, poverty and fear And bless us with prosperity, longevity and health. May he liberate us from death, For the sake of immortality; As the cucumber is automatically liberated, From its bondage from the creeper when it fully ripens.

25 responses to “Mahamrityunjaya Mantra”

  1. mk1bhatt says:

    its a healing mantra.

  2. umdrawplay says:

    thanks ram good post . Jai lord Shiva
    this power mantra has help me in life.

  3. dippys8 says:

    Best version i have heard so far…

    Dippy from Germany

  4. sahithhya says:

    Ram thank you for posting so many videos my all time fav is your videos

  5. Anandkumar1289 says:

    Best version i have heard so far…just listening to it creates such powerful vibrations…thanks for posting!

  6. Xplosivedynamite says:


  7. maxtune100 says:

    jay mahamrityunjaya

  8. gssvrao says:

    its great

  9. fiscornioman says:

    Muchas gracias por la informacion.

    Tengo una pregunta:

    ¿Es igualmente valido escuchar este mantra en vez de recitarlo?

    ¿Escucharlo durante la meditacion ayuda a “absorber” sus efectos mejor?


  10. dilbara18 says:

    it just posseses you

  11. salmankhan4lyf says:


  12. dilbara18 says:

    there is something so powerful about this mantra. i couldn’t stop saying it with him for the whole duration of the video. it is just amazing.

  13. ZodiacSystem says:

    This is a prayer for the Mumbai Blast Victims

  14. Thipheret says:


  15. sicillianItalian999 says:


  16. deedeechona says:

    Satúrusa. Muchas gracias!!! este mantra es bellísimo. Gracias por la traducción.

  17. SatPurusha says:

    translation in spanish: “adoramos al de los tres ojos: al Senor Shiva, quien es fragante y alimenta todos los seres. Que me libere de la muerte por el bien de la inmortalidad, asi como el pepino es cortado de la enredadera para liberarlo del yugo.”

    Este mantra es una alabanza del Supremo Senor Shiva y una suplica de Su proteccion.
    Es un mantra super-poderoso. Se cree que tiene el poder de curar de TODAS las enfermedades y de dar fuerza extraordinaria a los devotos.

  18. hrdx9 says:

    Great, Great n Very Great. Jai ShivShakti.
    So Soothing n So Energetic Mantra. Bhole Maat-Pitah ShivShakti Sharnam.
    TYvm for sharing Video as well as it’s meaning.
    *Jai Mata Di*

  19. karolimataji says:

    Om Namah Shivaya:)

  20. priysam says:

    Om Thriyambikam Yajamahe
    Sugandhim Bhustivardhanam
    Mruthyormukshiya mamrathath.

    I chant this daily for protection of my family.

  21. ashhishagicha says:

    Good it was very touching

  22. DrColette says:

    My apologies. I did not see it there.
    Be Blessed!

  23. DrColette says:

    Thanks a lot helamen333 😉

  24. drjramkumar says:

    Dear Friend,
    Kindly look into the introduction given in the sidebox along with this video

  25. DrColette says:

    This is great!
    I’m new at these and this is the best I’ve heard this Mantra done.
    I’m just learning and it’s very soothing.
    Can someone please give me the words so that I can say it with him and the true meaning.
    Thank you Drjramkumar for posting this. 😉