Mantra for meditation. This mantra has no approximate translation. The sounds related directly to the principles which govern each of the first six chakras on the spine…Earth, water, fire, air, ether. Notice that this does not refer to the chakras themselves which have a different set of seed sounds, but rather the principles which govern those chakras in their place. Download-

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23 responses to “MANTRA-OM NAMAHA SHIVAY-VYANAH- Full CD@”

  1. BONGoz187 says:

    You are right.

  2. ElieBei says:

    I respect Buddhism for what it is. When I want to learn the Buddhist way I will study its scriptures. However, I think it is incorrect to judge something and call it wrong based on your view of the world. Now, whether Christ is a teacher or a leader, or both depends on your views. I am not entitled to discredit them, much like is not logic not to call my views incorrect. I am speaking in general here, and not specifically to you. Finally, whatever makes us better humans is fine by me. Cheers.

  3. tristanthetemplar says:

    Haha ok so I am a buddhist. I was raised that way and speaking from what I have learned I actually agree with the christian here. I don’t believe in a higher power. But I believe that if YOU believe god is telling you to help people then you are not wrong…you just have a different view. I consider myself my own God, and my thoughts are my savior. Meditation is prayer to myself. If you feel you need a leader, then follow/learn. we are all students here. i just prefer a teacher to a leader.

  4. Buddhismattraction says:

    You may say there are many views. But many views are false and plain wishthinking. The first path in the noble eightfold path in Buddhism is Right View. To see the world as it actually is – what Buddha taught us. We are debating christianity and buddhism. Of course I wont say you are right because I’m a buddhist. I believe in what Lord Buddha said. And the reason I believe in that is because he uses logics and reason. And of course I say Buddhas sayings is the truth. He taught us The Dharma. <3

  5. ElieBei says:

    You are judging Christianity from Buddha’s teaching, and dismissing it altogether based on that. I won’t say this is bigoted and judgmental, but it is kind of. You cannot throw at me Buddha’s sayings and act as if it is the truth, it is your view of the world, other views exist and are valid too, like yours is. There are many paths that lead to the same goal. We must walk the path indeed, and it is by your own free will that you accept or dismiss Jesus, and continue your life journey with him.

  6. Buddhismattraction says:

    Helping the sick and the poor is always good deeds no matter what belief system you have. And that christians do it just shows that it’s humans that do it and not their God. We need to take away the suffering from this world. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”
    – Buddha

    And my friend. Hindus also belive in a higher god. Many Buddhists as well since Buddha didnt say there are no gods. Read on Brahma. Namaste. 🙂

  7. ElieBei says:

    Really? This is how you understand Christianity? Can you then explain why thousands if not millions of people helped the sick, disabled, poor,…of this world in the name of Christ? When you accept Christ as you savior your view of the world changes and you become a better person. As for evil things done in the name of Christ, this has to do with false understanding of religion which is common in other religions as well. Having said that, I totally respect Budddhism and the Indian religions.

  8. Woggyflush says:

    yes but…not “we” are all one, as in “we humans only” but the entire universe is ONE.

  9. PerchyMarin says:

    Me transporta,se afloja el cuerpo y sienot como si saliese lo que no funciona de mi cuerpo,la energía negativa y me relajo.

  10. Buddhismattraction says:

    Christianity in a nutshell. Dont try to make the world better. God will do it for us. WE must make this world better with our love and compassion. We cant wait for some deity do come down from heaven and make it all better. If you want a better life in the next you need to improve your Karma with good deeds. If you just accept all the suffering and wont change the world there is no good Karma in it. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  11. Stella26ist says:

    Realmente, significa uma invocação ao nome de Shiva, complementado pelo apelo: Prosto-me diante do Senhor Shiva, inclino-me diante do Senhor Shiva, curvo-me à Luz do senhor Shiva. São várias interpretações,sempre invocando o nome de Shiva.

  12. JURIS2001 says:

    NEW THING!!!
    must be at least 18 years old

  13. menphysoomph says:

    om manaha shivay

  14. asomilumi says:

    oh no me queda respondida bien la pregunta.

  15. wildmoutainwomen says:

    Love to all from my moutain top in Golden BC Canada we truly live in a remarkable time i look forward to living in Love and Harmony One Love

  16. fakeid43 says:

    que musica tan bella

  17. lukacreck says:

    yes very well said, he has prepared us for a nuclear war so we can all go to heaven

  18. ED19842 says:


  19. ArcanistWsmack says:

    Do not worry, people, God has already done many things to improve us and made all the necessary preparations for us to start living a better and more beautiful way of life, which you don’t realize yet, but trust me, you can rely on Him and sleep well, for the world is already perfect and it is ready to restore balance to itself as soon as WE are ready for that.

  20. Martin Alexander Purizaga Sandoval says:

    it’s so rewarding…beautiful.

  21. Pirinchi1 says:


  22. Stella26ist says:

    Significa: o nome de Shiva. Namastê!

  23. constantinghering says: