mantra. “shanti,” which means “peace,” is chanted three times. As a spiritual aspirant, one chants shanti in desire for the occurrence of circumstances conducive to a spiritual education. But these mantras can be chanted for peace in a general sense as well. Album available at


  1. VlPmsg says:

    People, Stop this demonic Masquerade… Yoga is demonic, this meditation is demonic, stop this Circus ! Open your life to JESUS CHRIST, start a personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST and you will be saved ! JESUS CHRIST SAVES – GET SAVED NOW

  2. Марго Цветущая says:

    нам нужен мир и путь по которому идти в этом мире лучший путь есть спешить к лучшему великий путь мира есть созидать великое прекрасный путь мира есть творить прекрасное спасибо за необычное исполнением

  3. greatdara says:

    May peace be within you..
    May you blossom through your inner peace and spread your beauty through thoughts words and action into this world..
    May you be an instrument of divine for bringing peace into this creation..

    -==:Om Shantih Shantih Shantih Om:==-

    Namaste from India

  4. Cindirelity says:

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!! 

  5. echo13moon says:

    I had no idea with was going to turn into Om Dubstep… color me amazed and pleased!

  6. aristides1918 says:

    We are all Gods Children. Live in love not fear. This is beautiful if you can allow yourself to hear.

  7. caznrod says:

    wunderbar… danke für’s posten, möge diese inspirative musik viele berühren… om shanti



  9. Cate512 says:

    I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant (almost done!!) And my baby gives me strong kicks at the Om parts. I think, when I chant this with the song she can feel the vibrations. Great Mantra thank you!

  10. MrWrongevolution says:

    Don’t brain wash yourself. Please,be enlighten yourself. Make your own mantra: I am happy, I am happy. I am rich, I am rich. I am power. I am power. Hahaha. It’s a joke.
    Why do you have to repeat many time own dumb language sentence? Please Awake.

  11. Brey0255 says:


  12. slurrrpee says:

    Wonderful mantra. It brought me to tears.

  13. lessthandust says:

    “When grace is working in the soul of someone who is praying,then he is flooded with the love of God,so that he can no longer bear what he experiences.Then,this love turns towards the humankind,whom he comes to love so much that he seeks to take upon himself the whole of human pain so that everyone else might be freed from it.In general he suffers with every grief and misery.This is why those who are advanced in prayer do not cease to pray for the world.
    St.Joseph the Hesychast

  14. Nidhi Sharma says:

    OM SHANTI………………

  15. 2730Luana says:


  16. TheRedWolf080 says:

    I think we do it three times one is for peace in the cosmos, one for peace in the external world, one for peace in the internal world.

  17. Thomathegreat says:

    Vegan burger does sound good!

  18. Thomathegreat says:

    In my faith the number 3 symbolizes the Trinity, 3 people in one. Other then that I feel the number 3 symbolizes life. Birth, adult hood, and death.

  19. germanwernicke says:

    hi! i guess cause 3 is perfect in material .
    all is 3 an all is 1
    humans have 3 dan tien, also humans have 3 eyes
    have 3 material chakras from 3 reigns.( land, money , sex)
    father son and holy spirit, triangles, many 3
    also jesus said, if one and other is in my name, we are 3, ILL be there i promise

  20. MsNinjutsuninja says:


  21. MsNinjutsuninja says:


  22. ururuty says:

    I ask all spiritual people to watch his videos 777ALAJE and lets send love to our planet every day and make it better:) just try to live and think with love and it will make you happy. love and light to all

  23. Molhedim says:

    i don’t believe anything about spiritual healing or zen or whatever…..but i do like this song a lot.

  24. pouniouk says:

    I am new in the spiritual path. Things are seen so differently now. I do believe that there is only one god and there were many messengers of god. We are all brothers and sisters.

    I have only one question? Why do we say the shanti 3 times?