Mantra Slider – Soundtrack of our lives

Soundtrack of our lives. Shoot in Cairo.

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25 responses to “Mantra Slider – Soundtrack of our lives”

  1. bassplayer1494 says:

    Mind=Blown!!! Love it

  2. cuteemoblobb says:

    The title “the soundtracks of our lives” suddenly popped into my head… I’ve never heard the song before but it’s motherfucking great!

  3. arcadefire82 says:

    This song leaves me speechless.
    Hope I can finally see TSOOL live this year – please come to Germany!

  4. svagana says:

    great song!

  5. luchoreyessau says:

    La mejor banda de rock del mundo en estos días!!!!!!!

  6. stefanQOTSA says:

    Go Rock från GBG…

  7. dmg555 says:

    thanks for the post. Think this is Cairo? rare video. Love the song too

  8. Gianluca Torelli says:

    is Mattias Barjed

  9. 91099Babar says:

    @ Devilsbow – I dont like people praising Rock Band for business pursposes .
    It is an insult to the soul of Rock music .Rock Bands do not sing their songs for
    becoming Famous .They have committed to their Souls with purity and to bring peace throughout singing songs which could make diversions against the evil
    who wants to destroy the world . ..Kapish !

  10. Gianluca Torelli says:

    4:47 awesome!

  11. danni101ish says:

    fuckin love this song!

  12. sideshowkitten says:

    One of my favorite straight-ahead rock songs. Great driving tune too.

  13. Keithmoon32 says:

    Great performance in vienna

  14. Shaguar66 says:

    yeah they come to graz too!!

  15. robinfromsherwood says:

    Their Best! They come to Vienna in November and I am really looking forward to see them again!!!!

  16. simcity1789 says:

    Pretty cool song to introduce an album with…

  17. phlarrdboi says:

    This is a great band. Just discovered them, going to see them in place flagey in brussels tonight!! really excited 🙂

  18. JulleVanStulle says:

    ah please come back soon to germany!!

  19. vampiroxxx1 says:

    yep its bjorn on guitar

  20. willie5k says:

    is that b’jorn on guitar??

  21. flenost says:

    the best swedish band ever!

  22. Sparris93 says:

    En av de bästa låtarna jag har hört =)

  23. jehovahsunrise says:

    Alltså Martin i denna videon alltså, han är ju så grymt het i sina pilotglasögon..

  24. santilife says:

    jag fattar typ inte heller det…
    han var ju egentligen med forfarande när denna videon gjordes tror jag men det är ju mattias som är med i videon så..
    hahha jag fattar inte heller riktigt:P

  25. kevinocooldaddy says:

    What is up with the bass player and those head phones?