Mantra To Remove Black Magic – Tantra Nivaran Mantra Nd Shrimali

Secret & very rare mantra to remove black magic with simple steps. The Tantra Nivaran mantra is a remedy for evil eye, buri nazar, kala jaadu , tona totka an…

5 responses to “Mantra To Remove Black Magic – Tantra Nivaran Mantra Nd Shrimali”

  1. Ismaeel Mahboob says:


  2. mantrascience says:


  3. Kalishaktimaa Denyn says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. This is the answer to my prayers. You even used the image of Kali I had in my dektop when I was praying. God Bless you.

  4. mantrascience says:

    Kindly use headphones as I have uploaded the original voice of my Gurudev Narayan Dutt SHrimali which is very divine.

  5. prakashdalal6 says:

    Sound and voice clarity is very low and poor for the black magic mantra..not able to understand the pronunciations. .