Meditation and Mantra In this video you’ll learn why we meditate with a mantra and how meditation works with mantra to clean the subconscious mind. When subconscious mind is clear then your intuition is very effective.

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7 responses to “Meditation and Mantra”

  1. mercury337 says:

    WOw. It what I needed to hear at this time. Sat Nam.

  2. MidEasterner says:


  3. jaskiratsingh1 says:

    he is indeed great. but infinite? isn’t that an adjective we reserve for God and God alone?

  4. karlasofia16 says:

    Can somone tell me where this video was taken? I think I see an image of La Virgen of Guadalupe behind him. Was he in Mexico?

  5. kwantumspin says:

    sat naam

  6. onekachera says:

    Siri Singh Sahib Ji is great and infinite. Thank you. Sat Nam

  7. Magusstryfe says:

    great work guys – spread the sikh message