Morning Mantra – Shri Vishnu

Morning Prayer to Lord Vishnu.. Track: Morning Mantra Shri Vishnu Artist: Soma Singh Album: Suryodaya – Morning Mantras According to the Indian system of calculating time, the day is divided into eight prahars of three hours each. The second half of the second prahar ie from 4.30 AM to 6.00 AM is called the ‘brahma mahurat.’ This is the best time for a person to engage in meditation and prayer. Those who wake up at this time are able to soak up nature’s energy in order to invigorate their minds and rejuvenate their bodies. The great sage, Manu, the law giver said, “Brahma mahurate chaanu chintayate.” This means that, “Man should awaken during the brahma mahurat and reflect on his dharma and its meanings as are relevant to him.” He will then understand and grasp the real meaning of the scriptures, like the Vedas and the Upanishads. Early dawn is thus the most suitable time for spiritual and intellectual growth. At this time, man through prayer and contemplation, is able to experience the vastness of the supreme consciousness. Man is able to go beyond the narrow confines of his brain, but, dwell in the limitlessness of his thoughts. Those who follow this principle of getting up early and praying are able to unlock the infinity of their minds. With this objective, the great sage Aadi Shankaracharya had composed special morning prayers to the eight foremost gods. These are Lord Ganesh, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu

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  1. gracestar4all says:

    This song brings mystery, beauty and depth to Vishnu’s presence at dawn. The awakening of creation is the start of each day, each moment, each thought and the commencement of every being’s voyage. The music of this song reveals an ancient tribal essence and the lyrics open us to a parallel universe of gods and goddesses floating in the causal sea in the spiritual sky. What a great artistic contribution.

  2. czar0592 says:

    Thank You!

  3. Rohan8058 says:

    Jai shree krishna!!!

  4. tarynpeter says:

    I enjoy listening to a few Mantras before my yoga. This is one of my favorite

  5. Skandhaa says:

    Beauty Of Mornings, good Song!

  6. MissKumari16 says:

    please someone provide meaning with lyrics

  7. Monstakofa says:

    I am not hindu and I know this, for I learn this because I like it…
    I most hear prays for bholenath, mahadev or his known name in the West…Shiva

  8. rgaleny says:

    Vishnu is another name of God. If you’re not Hindu, now you know.

  9. toastmastah says:

    very soothing. i saw beautiful things in my third eye.

  10. Enemyssecret says:

    Wonderful music to play during a crystal healing bed therapy

  11. Gaburiero says:

    Om Vishnave Namaha!

  12. tulsikrishna says:

    Nice, thank you :)

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    planning on covering this song but would really appreciate the english translation if possible!

  15. Vrindavan82 says:

    jai lashmi pati

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    fantastic… im agreed..

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    great , divine

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    thank you

  20. maheshpandey108 says:

    one should chant visnu mantra in the morning OM VISNAVE NAMAH if one does this for one month any one regardless of his faith sure to feel abundant bliss and undisclosed amount of fortune wil come on his way name call me my no is 352 505 6200 usa

  21. gespb32 says:

    Sounds really beautiful & holy, deeply spiritual:)

  22. prachicharm says:

    Can you put translation in English? Thanks alot though!!!!

  23. GodsReapingWarrior says:

    Super powerful!
    Great upload thank you so much 😡

  24. MrSinghudai says:

    To improve this video, English translation script will be a boon, as I think. Thank you in the holy name of Lord Bishnu.

  25. bigbamboo396 says:

    love it!