(NEW) Ganesha Mantra By Sonu Nigam (NEW)

This video is dedicated to Lord Ganesha……………Son of Shiva and Shakti…………………The great obstacle breaker………………Jai Shree Ganesh~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUBSCRIBE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

25 responses to “(NEW) Ganesha Mantra By Sonu Nigam (NEW)”

  1. Durgeesh789 says:

    nice one,,,, ” JAI SHREE GANESHAYE NAMAH “

  2. MrRastaluz says:

    Om Gam Ganapataye Namah (literalmente: “eu Te saúdo, Senhor das tropas”).

  3. markitto1973videos says:

    Queria conhecer a tradução deste Mantra e a letra no original. Alguem pode fazer isso pra mim. Namastê.!

  4. hiteshgadhia1 says:


  5. shivaane99 says:

    It’s beautiful! Have been listening to it over and over again and it brings so much peace

  6. mullapudir says:

    This is very beautiful. I pray the Lord Ganesha and i know he will give evweyone prosperity

  7. fcuk71 says:


  8. SOBITHE1 says:

    hathi ke sund kitni bari hai

  9. fcuk71 says:


    Can anyone tell me where I can get the image at 2.51

  10. globalman says:

    The most beautiful I have found here. Always grateful.

  11. 22734397 says:

    tranquilidade e equilibrio espiritual

  12. lainymc1 says:

    I cannot find this version of ganesh mantra to purchase itunes/anywhere…. pls help, i’d like to find it

  13. faortg says:

    where did you get these pictures? I want them 😀

  14. djwelepega says:


  15. Tani912 says:

    this is so beautiful hats off to Sonu and Thank you Ganesha for blessing me always

  16. TheiJat88 says:

    So beautiful.  Thank you. Namaskara.

  17. vineet3132 says:

    needless.. every religion is for prayer of God. just live and let live.

  18. gemini0118 says:

    Religion is a made up word used by the masses to constitute spirituality. Hinduism isnt a religion; its a way of life humanity must return to in order to survive. HARIHARA!!!

  19. gemini0118 says:

    My friend there is no conversion process simply just love god be it Shiva, Krishna, Mother Durga, Christ, Allah, Buddha no matter what path(religion) we choose they have the same destination however to better learn Hindu spirituality just study ancient vedic literature (The Vedas and Puranas) and practice Kriya and Bhakti yoga thus meditate on the supreme lord whichever personality draws your attention good luck on ur journey OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA

  20. sildergodt says:

    Intuitively I have always send a prayer to the Elephant realm during my angel-meditations – and last night I dreamt of Elephants funnily enough. I don`t know much about this Lord, but it seems he spoke to me with my really knowing it! Thanks!

  21. akeello says:

    God’s Concept in the QURAN chapter 112:

    [Say, “He is Allah, [who is] One, 1

    Allah, the Eternal Refuge. 2

    He neither begets nor is born, 3

    Nor is there to Him any equivalent.” 4]

    => to know more about Islam type in google “TheDeenShow”

  22. thecokerjacobd says:

    i want to switch to hinduism from chrishtianity how do i do it/

  23. fiato says:

    Thank You for the replays! 😉

  24. music4soulnheart says:

    Its Om Gam….This is Lord Ganesha’s Beej Mantra. Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha……Hope that helps!

  25. YD8189 says:

    Take a few minutes to study an image of Lord Ganesha. His head represents the soul, his body, our transient earthly existence, and his trunk, ultimate reality, Om. Look closely and you will see he has four hands: one holds a goad to propel mankind forward; another a noose to capture all difficulties. His ears hear all petitions and he sits astride a mouse to teach humility. The success of all religious and secular acts begins with the worship of Lord Ganesh.