Om / auum / Mantra

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  1. Yungdaddie says:

    ..much lov & light to all …I lov u ..

  2. DzAlgeria1 says:

    OOOOOOOOOOMMM..mmm OOOOOOOOmm….. 😀 scary!!

  3. ururuty says:

    I ask all good people to see videos of this user 777ALAE and it will help you to make yourself and the world around you much better, kinder and lighter) love and light to you and your family)

  4. wizardmori says:

    As total own self of all life time all, make the most complete enhancement substantial in history as the central nucleus from the trace track distance from 16 years old.

  5. craingangel says:

    I like also:)

  6. wizardmori says:

    Infinite power wells up from the inside in from own and manifests myself.

  7. MUSICOBLISS says:

    This is a wonderful video that brings peace and stillness to the world.

    I want to share with you my new and tranquil film

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  8. nevernextdoor1 says:

    The path to God is through love, however the true love of the heart starts with God forgiving US. We have to feel God’s love and forgiveness. Every human being knows he is guilty of something and needs forgiveness, if he doesn’t he is lying to himself. The only sacrifice (or payment) for that right to forgiveness is through the spilled blood of Jesus. I cannot say to myself ‘I forgive me’, it’s impossible, and no other ‘sage’, ‘master’, ‘guru’ or teacher has given their life for us, but Jesus

  9. lessthandust says:

    “He who has the Holy Spirit in him, to however slight a degree, sorrows day and night for all mankind(with tears). This heart is filled with pity for all God’s creatures, more especially for those who do not know God, or who resist Him and therefore are bound for the fire of torment. For them, more than for himself, he prays day and night, that all may repent and know the Lord.”
    St. Silouan from the holy Mount Athos

  10. ThegreenfairyFu says:

    such a nice visualization of the way of kundalini shakti.

  11. ThegreenfairyFu says:

    such a nice visualization of the way of kundalini shakti.

  12. nirmalmozumdar says:

    I want to express my gratitude to Divinity… many thanks to people who are creating such beautiful stuff like this one….. who are helping others in understanding mysterious multidimensional sides of our physical life……

  13. MegaMsmaxine says:

    amazing… that when we are aligned we become like flowers. Flowers have such a high vibrational frequency of energy. We blossom, we become connected to the universe. i loved it. Thank you so much.

  14. TheMalyndo says:

    Sorry people… I just find it a bit freaky… Maybe because I am trying to do this at night alone 🙁

  15. knaggelpuff says:

    Interesting…I found this new meditation thing called “blisscode”. Supposed to be some new technology with instant effect. Exciting stuff. Check it: /watch?v=S0_y1BCWpOo

  16. SpiritGuy10 says:

    That’s the reason I watched it. I love that part. 🙂

  17. swarnkapoor100 says:


  18. indigoin0z says:

    love the video, but the tone eeks me out for my ‘personal’ liking.. had to shut off sound

  19. jayantarur05 says:

    Aum holds several meaning as per vedas/Puranas. God is universal donor. It never ” takes” any thing fm u except the 1 which is against the mother nature. That is why in sanathana principle all saints/rishis transformed in to “Veda surya”, the unseen light by normal human which engulf the entire universe.

    Please visit NASA’s recorded “sound of Sun”. Sun emits Aum vibration from its core and makes ripples on its plasma surface which in turn reprocess the fuel, so that it gets rejuvenated.

  20. DemeterLovesPumpkins says:


  21. larachael71 says:

    Great vid

  22. lamome33 says:


  23. osodelicious25 says:

    he calms down and stares with big curious eyes.

  24. kimhunter2 says:

    how did they respond?

  25. osodelicious25 says:

    It’s a trip to watch my baby resopn to this.