om mani padme hum


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  1. Caillou49 says:

    Qui es-tu batesaurio, avec tes vidéos morbides ? avec gentillesse et surtout par curiosité !

  2. haineo11 says:


  3. jason69332 says:

    helps me

  4. taigongting says:


  5. taigongting says:


  6. tudorraneti says:

    that’s when you fall asleep 😛 you’re drinking too much coffee 🙂

  7. bodhisattva108 says:

    oh big(great) Buddha tschenresi big(great) , may suffer by your sympathy  all living beings from  to theirs will release. bless to us everybody on we all living beings of theirs suffer will release, by sympathy and loves.auf them(her) theirs true bodhinatur recognise(see), amitabha blesses us also on we together in dewatschen enter. om mani peme hung, Buddha dharma sangha

  8. target007 says:

    23.45 end of mantra…………

  9. AllindiansNochiefs says:

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  10. ToneShaman says:

    I take great comfort in hearing and chanting this mantra. It is music to my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Kieran Isgin says:

    The same could be said about all other religions, you just stay ignorant about Buddhism, why don’t you just rest your mind on such ignorance>

  12. monishdragon says:

    This 33 minute is a small sample of what they really do. This goes on for much longer 😀 It is better to be heard live in monastary/ gumbha or a stupa. We have a lot of monks in Nepal that recite these mantras.

  13. monishdragon says:

    If you believe in the writing in the Bible (written by MAN) that is your right to believe. So stop going to every Buddhist video and claiming every other religion is wrong. Buddhist are not brainwashed because they are not using their philosophy to do evil for not believing in teachings of Buddha. Unlike Christian crusaders Buddhists have never went on a rampage to abolish a race.
    By judging these people you have committed a great sin. Only God is allowed to judge us according to the Bible.

  14. monishdragon says:

    Please Do not preach your religion, that is based on texts by humans to someone else’s religious videos. If you have found Christ that is great for you. Keep it to yourself. Not everyone needs to believe in the same beliefs that you have. To each is their own. You find peace in the bible, others find peace else where. Your are not wrong for believing and nor are others. Just keep your comments to yourself. Please.

  15. jayd99829 says:

    I am a Christian beliver. I think many belivers miss the mark to the essance of mediation and what it is truely about. As a Native American Christian Meditation grounds a human to the essance of where we ought to be… Like Christ did, he meditated day n night. to ground himself to listen to his father… .or our creator… (same difference) and allows man to rest their flesh. Paul said … he dies daily… mediate… .put ur body and mind to rest to allow urself to do his will. Blesslings

  16. jphippie123 says:

    Your faith is beautiful. Anyone who can truly appreciate Buddhism can appreciate Christianity. It’s hard to argue with things as pure as faith, hope, and love
    However, I think you’re misunderstanding the the concept of this mantra. The higher power and being known as YHWH is manifested in all things good. This mantra is not simply “the babbling of heathens.” We’re seeking perfection in generousity, ethics, patience, perseverance, concentration, and wisdom. It’s possible to seek that from YHWH

  17. hikaruUSA says:

    Im Christian and definitely find great comfort in this mantra and meditation.

  18. Wtyty says:

    Luckily I know some Christians and they arent all as arrogant and ignorant as you are, otherwise you might give them a bad name.. Buddhism and Christianity are very similar religions in many ways… There is no one right way, it is up to what works for the individual, however one should always respect anothers beliefs even if they dont agree with them … What works for you is great if it brings you and others peace in your life. Your comments look like you are tryng to convince yourself .Peace

  19. gangoffour1 says:

    The monks do this best. I just love it. It is so simple but sophisticated at the same time. I feel happy listening to it. It’s as if all is well with the world 🙂

  20. patrickjuliao says:

    Jesus Christ is the truth!

    耶稣基督 是 真理!

    Jesus was crucified, rose again the third day and ascended to heaven!
    耶稣 被 杀害, 第三天 再次 上升, 并 升天!

    The man was sentenced to death!
    人类 被 判处 死刑!

    Jesus died in your place!

    但 耶稣 死 在 你 的 地方!

    God loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.
    John 3:16

  21. patrickjuliao says:

    Somente Jesus Cristo pode lhe dar a verdadeira paz!
    Only Jesus Christ can give true peace!

    And when you pray, do not keep repeating the same thing, as the heathen do. They think they will be heard for their much speaking.
    Do not be like them, because your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
    Matthew 6:7-8

  22. UrbanSexyMan says:

    you jelly of our beautiful sutra?

  23. hidearCellofGod says:

    this are techniques to help 1-2 come into the inner self! awake, practice, learn how to do it, do it and then speak, just talking about something u have no clue makes you exactly what u think they are: DUMB!! O God, pls forgive me I created dumb1`s like this & heal in me al this creation in dumbness & give it light, thnx, thnx thanx, love u, love u, love u