Sanskrit Chant – Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra “The sleeper has awakened!” Paul A.

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  1. ThePryda says:

    Hi. May I know which is the best way to explore the Spiritual Route of The Himalayas ? I am intending to visit there this September. Can you tell me which city you started from and where all did you visit ? Peace & Shanti from the Desert 🙂

  2. harnoful says:

    @crazyviking24 This is one snippet taken out of context. In reality the Indian and Abrahamic understandings of God are completely different.

  3. supaordinary says:

    You are so right my friend, I could not agree with you more xpeacex

  4. Maysey1 says:

    See the disappointed tiger face in the rock formations between the main waterfalls nearer to the left side of center.

  5. nemluir says:

    Namasté shabalam shebaka

  6. JuliansDarling says:

    so beautiful…

  7. celticlass32 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing 🙂 I was blessed to have chance for a month to go to India in Nov-2011 for a spiritual pilgrimage with my Kriya Yoga family we climbed into the Himalayas to our Babjai’s cave & was truly amazing. our guru taught us this mantra it sent god chills through me as it still does :).No matter what path one walks or what name we use for father/mother god we are all connected within one self we just need to be more respectful and compassionate towards each other is all 🙂

  8. Maridda85 says:

    benedetta sia la terra e i suoi abitanti

  9. sollostyles says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  10. asderso says:

    what a beautiful thought… I like it !!

  11. knaggelpuff says:

    There is such intent in his voice. And together with the video it brings me a pleasant chill. Such power and grace. It reminds me of the power I feel from this video as well: watch?v=S0_y1BCWpOo

  12. stanley555000 says:

    Thank you so much.

  13. informationplz says:

    Once I found this mantra a few years ago it helped me immediately..When you learn it, wherever you want to go, you’re there. Tell your friends!!
    Great post, I love the Sanskrit pronunciation especially! PAZ

  14. gozeep says:

    Bhagawan or God Sathya Sai Baba who resurrects 2012 Christmas has said, anyone can chant Gayatri anytime of day or night any number of times. You dont have to conform to widely accepted beliefs or rules(human created ego).Everyone of us has the power of God/Goddess. We just have to imagine ourself as what we want to become. Masculine, Feminine or Non-dual which is most perfect form ardhanartishwara or half man woman god. Be feminine in outward actions but masculine inside your mind. Attain Amrit

  15. jazz2life says:

    Thank you so much for posting , the reciting goes perfectly with the music!

  16. tomtomttom says:

    Religions like to claim they own God. And I think that is the fundamental problem with some religions. Many of the Dharmic religions are firm in their way of belief in God, but also respect other people’s views as well. And many Dharmic religions do not believe if you don’ t follow them you will go to hell. And Dharmic religion are open to people coming to them and leave that door open, but they do not force. That is how Dharmic practice is generally done.

  17. crazyviking24 says:

    Strange how this prayer is so similar to the faith of christians and other monotheists. Ultimately God transcends human doctrines and ethnicities. He may manifest as Christ and at the same time manifest as Krishna or the Buddha or as Allah to Mohammed. He is not required to act in only one form or religion.

  18. shadowofdrknss says:

    I like the ninja

  19. ultrainfinite says:

    in your minds eye you imagine………..

  20. davidsolomonking says:





  21. MsGala22 says:

    Beautifull!!! only beautifull!!! I love that♥♥♥

  22. nomadbelat says:

    Recited by Sai Baba.

  23. Sonny832 says:

    Mother Gayatri is the emblem of the Impersonal ParaBrahman which is beyond all description. The Gayatri Mantra captures the very essence of the Vedas.

  24. leviton31 says:

    I just cant stop listening to this music

  25. jyrikeskpaik says:

    See on mantra; mis tungib hinge sügavusse.