Science Of Gayathri Mantra [Must]

Science Of Guyatri Mantra

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  1. mudit11 says:

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  2. execmanoj says:

    TKG2288, Nice video, but why don’t you clean up the audio, its annoying sound, sound glitch. That will be awesome, thanks for the awesome video though.

  3. ukgreaterlondon says:

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  4. kohlink says:

    it is uniquely qualified… and it will live on forever

  5. kohlink says:

    in fact it is scientific

  6. puresoul421 says:

    Beautiful explanation !!!

  7. RKPR2012 says:

    I always felt Gayatri Mantra very powerful. It should be chanted in deep bass with vibration. OM should originate from the throat only. Not from the front mouth. I am so displeased with the cinematic style of singing – not chanting – as of Anuradha Poduval. I don’t hate it, but I am still looking for some ‘solid’ chanting ‘male voice’. Somebody can guide?

  8. GBJ83 says:

    i dont think we are evolving much any more

    we make envirnment adapt to us, instead of other way round. if its too cold we dont grow fur, we wear a sweater. if something is across the ocean we dont grow wings we build a plane

  9. GBJ83 says:

    so just because people on utube cant explain theoretical physics that automatically means mantras work?

  10. GBJ83 says:

    theres a pink aardvark living in your head

  11. GBJ83 says:

    string theory not proven, and every sound has vibration not jjust mantras

  12. dsethi05 says:

    Thank you . Wonderful Learning .

  13. Bhairav Shaktipeeth says:

    Excellent explanation.Thanks for sharing.

  14. Tag Pillay says:

    We can only see 4% which is visible matter and refers to Einstein’s theory. However the main power of matter remains in the other dark 96% which is invisible. This means we in in a primitive stage of evolution and our technology is about 400 yrs old, very young compared to the age of this planet and this milky way.

  15. sinisterfsfsfs says:

    vibrations are embedded in the mantras….and if pronounced in right way can do certain things which are out of our understanding…..heard of string theory….it says that beyond subatomic level everything is made up of vibrating strings of energy and what i think is that if u resonance with that frequency (which we are made up of) then u will feel some change…..a feeling of happiness…..tell me if i am wrong

  16. sinisterfsfsfs says:

    15 pplz will never know why they are here for in this world b’coz they don’t know and are not at all curious to know abut themselves

  17. sinisterfsfsfs says:


  18. sinisterfsfsfs says:

    cont…for example If each of two hypothetical experimenters, Alice and Bob, has one of the particles that form an entangled pair, and Alice measures the spin of her particle, the measurement will be entirely unpredictable, with a 50% probability of the spin being up or down. But if Bob subsequently measures the spin of his particle, the measurement will be entirely predictable―always opposite to Alice’s, hence perfectly anti-correlated. can u explane that? huh?

  19. sinisterfsfsfs says:

    that happnned b’coz u have faith in nothing and don’t defend yourself by saying that u are an ATHEIST…..according to me shiva is not a god who live on kailash or somthing as i know these things are exaggerated by their followers….to me he is a feeling….a thought……have u ever heard of quantam entangelment….cont…

  20. ururuty says:

    I ask all spiritual people to watch his videos 777ALAJE and lets send love to our planet every day and make it better:) love and light to all

  21. 93889895559 says:

    Infact all religion are a way living….i think it is the most precise way of living

  22. vrojiesh says:

    you are right i always think hinduism is not a religion its a way of living. I never found in any part like hinduism says…

  23. MsSquashbanana says:

    where can i get this specific recording of the gayatri mantra ? without this woman’s narration. the chanting is beautiful.

  24. suerayss says:

    Thank you for this. I chant it gayatri regularly even when I was a atheist for a long time all the way from my teen years to young adulthood. I always felt energy and rejuvenated if i meditate adn chant the gayatri mantra honestly. This explanation helps me understand why i felt that. Of course the skeptics will not agree but in the true hindu way my response is that hinduism does not care about it. Its like someone arguing about gravity. . Truth or laws of universe don’t need justifications.

  25. shtakshi80 says:

    This is a wonderfull explaination of Gayatri Mantra. Every Indian who Knows/chants Gayatri Mantra should listen this.