Shri Lakshmi Kali Saraswati Mantra

Shri Lakshmi Kali Saraswati Mantra By: Kavita Paudwal Lyrics: ll Sarva Mangal Mangaliye, Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike Sharanye Triyambike Gauri, Narayani Nomosthute ll ll Aum Mahalakshmi, Shri Mahakali, Maha Saraswati Namostute ll By chanting this mantra you invoke the three goddesses. *Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth, *Kali the Goddess of strength, *Saraswati the Goddess of knowelgde. By chanting this mantra with full devotion it will awaken the intellect and it will protect you from any harm.

23 responses to “Shri Lakshmi Kali Saraswati Mantra”

  1. niluhandya says:

    Really make me feel comfortable listen this “nyanyian/ kidung rohani”… love it !!! thankss a lot
    suksme 0_*

  2. aartisingh1 says:

    I have it on a CD if you like to have it just send me your e-mail address and I will send you a copy.

  3. greenscat10 says:

    mr. Ignorant!! Why dont u first get ur facts cleared before posting ur filthy comments?? Dont prejudice! Rather make good use of your “grey matter” that God has given!! The garland that Goddess Kali wears is not a garland of human, but its a garland of the demon’s head called- Raktabeej. Whom she slaughtered and drank his blood to save the world and help it to make a better place for some ignorant soul like you and many!! Thanks!!

  4. poolrug says:


  5. xPrinZ1 says:

    you guys believe in selfmade history and things? lol xD

  6. cskadavil says:

    Very enchanting !

  7. ChocolateLover0651 says:

    Don’t stop posting this kind of music
    Thank you

  8. ChocolateLover0651 says:

    It such a spiritual bhajan 🙂

  9. PurdiPaws says:

    Where can I find this mantra? I tried downloading it and can’t find it. Is it on a specific cd? 

  10. antuneeleshranjan says:

    all the motherfucker christians and muslims…go away from here u assholes

  11. icecap907 says:

    @sainath459 aww, this mantra is calming n energisine @ same time.
    wat does the second verse mean? excuse mi ignorance
    i can see it has to do with lakshmi kali n saraswati but what am i saying to them

  12. nikkichocho08 says:

    @Videosevangeangelcos16 your annoying and how dare you make fun of my religion. Idiot your a fool and blinded by your religion you should respect other religions.

  13. preetypuntu26 says:

    Loved it…

  14. AutumnBeauty1999 says:

    Beautiful…absolutely beautiful!!!!!

  15. TheGajandra says:

    @VIDEOSEVANGELICOS16 You are an ignorant fool !!!

  16. MrLolo0981 says:

    AYE,JACK ASS jusus is a devotee of the same mother kali saraswati and lakshmi yuh curse.Thats why we could prove that kali is real but you can’t prove if jesus enen existed with yuh fat ass.

  17. MrLolo0981 says:

    Autualy it means oh giver of all auspiciousness,thebeloved of shiva who is called shive,I surrender onto the three eyed Gouri,Oh narayani salutations to you.

  18. liilycutie1 says:

    you are so right

  19. liilycutie1 says:

    I love this song

  20. MysticalSelah says:

    The human heads can represent many things; the human head being the ego which is cut off by Kali, or it can also mean the process of samsara (reincarnation) and her being at the very center of it, in complete control of it. Remember, the art and the murtis represent things that the worshipper focuses upon. God is above and beyond all form, but the murti of Kali tells us what we truly are and what are destined to achieve: total Moksha (union) with God.



  21. MySweetDaffodil says:

    I do! I’m sorry I don’t know what it means when one becomes dizzy when listening (or singing with) to the mantra. I too wonder.

  22. DreamsofMajesty says:

    For anyone who desires the truth, please check out the scribd website that is listed on my channel.

  23. fabiomarine says:

    WONDERFULL!!! I subscribed.
    Very well done