The Best Mantra – Mooji

With English, Romanian, Russian and French subtitles “This simple expression of gratitude arising from the Heart, – from Existence to Existence – which has the profound effect of washing the soul of judgements, preferences, fears, the sense of separation,conflict and even longing, returns…

25 responses to “The Best Mantra – Mooji”

  1. himmelman1957 says:


  2. satsumamoon says:

    Thank you for taking away my health, my job, my boyfriend, my social life and my financial independence, because now that I am left with only myself I can come to know and appreciate my self.

  3. FaulknerLeanne says:

    Thank you, merci and cead mile failte

  4. ManOnSun6 says:

    Thank you Mother earth for giving me birth ,food ,water,air, and so many many brothers and sisters to play with

  5. NaturallyYouPublishi says:

    I love this ttitude of gratitude – THANK YOU MOOJI

  6. doctuthill says:

    Why did the guy want a “back-rub?” A christian KOAN.

  7. fiddlestick83 says:

    Thank you.

  8. SuperDivads says:

    thank life mooji brings it

  9. tonyd7300 says:

    Beautiful!!! Thank you xx

  10. WideVisionGP says:

    “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” — Meister Eckhart

  11. mocny01 says:

    yea,,thank you for luck of home, money, job,,we got health and time,,Time we can not buy,,,thanks for a time

  12. spycobra404 says:

    thank you

  13. indrabhaskara says:

    thank you for one person who dislike this video…thank you

  14. San55Tiago says:

    Thank You Great Teacher. Salamat Po!

  15. TheMind1973 says:

    thank you…mo…<3<3<3

  16. Rika161 says:


  17. beforeourveryeyes says:

    thank you grazie

  18. karunamrita says:

    i see why I and other feel not very content when I identify it was mine or it was done by me.
    It separates me from all other, separating is not LOVE

  19. ninik06 says:


  20. YuukoSadness says:

    Beautiful… thank you! 😀

  21. johnnysalazardasilva says:


  22. 20coco22 says:

    Beloved Mooji,
    no words come
    only tears are flowing

  23. SuccessfullyMidAir says:

    Thank you.

  24. Thumbelllina says:


  25. lakota66 says:

    stephen turoff (prema-ananda) says also that this is the greatest mantra. THANK YOU GOD.