The Black Dog – Bass Mantra

Artist: The Black Dog – Liber Kult (Book 1 Ov 3) Label: Dust Science Rip Date: 01.08.2011

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23 responses to “The Black Dog – Bass Mantra”

  1. 106MMTurbo says:


  2. w1llyw0nka23 says:

    what the fuck did I read.

  3. ttuzkapi says:

    LSD Motherfucker nothing better than this!

  4. stuart940 says:

    its a bit of a grey area

  5. mywillyoudo says:

    god fucked me and i’ve god jezus in my name

  6. chrisdarrall1 says:

    WOOOOW shoulda warned bout this sht. lol i woke next door up lol

  7. kleinheinz says:

    if god will f*ck us, isn´t that rape and unchristian?

  8. ziggyjuarez says:

    @Israeli3030 I’ll suck your wiine

  9. Israeli3030 says:

    SWED! suck my weenie hater.

  10. MrNeen383 says:

    God doesnt exist!

  11. pin puller says:

    I know plenty of great born-again Christians who smoke pot. You are definitely not a born-again Christian. You use profanity with the Lord’s name, so you are basically profaning the Lord’s name, and you don’t even respect Jesus Christ enough to capitalize his name. You are a fake trying to give Christians a bad rap.

  12. TheKingDaKaTV says:

    why do you always get creepy pictures, for this type of music??? i mean a butterfly and a fucking tree would be nice to see for once. 0_o

  13. soberanimal says:

    Yes, because were all so weird, that we get the funny in it 😀

  14. uberi2234 says:

    Ooh, Flaming based on Christianity, Please, Go on, I love it! So fun watching people use religion to flame others. I also enjoy the “Potheads”, It might seem like a great surprise to you, But not only potheads listen to music of this kind, More or less normal people do too! Your lack of correct grammar amuses me as do the fact that you dont give anyone even the slightest chance of redeeming themselves from the divine wrath that you push them infront of. Good job! (notice the excessive sarcasm?).

  15. illynoizz000 says:

    I dont feel like a winner. Would feel much better if we just talk how good this music is.It’s hard for you to find my first comment funny, but that’s the way i am, and probably it is not for everyone talking about ecstasy smoked from a bucket 😛 (which me and my friends use to describe how crazy party was even no one ever tried to take drugs in such a rediculous way, and it sounds so much funnier in my language) but im assure you, we did some experiments like steam vodka ;).

  16. burningtoavange says:

    fuk u potheads , u defile the god and his son jesus christ, fuck you god fucks you all

  17. CBilly91 says:

    youre a winner

  18. illynoizz000 says:

    remember exactly d day when i heard this track for like a 4th or 5th time. i was just about to draw picture of my penis to send it to billy’s mother, when he actually reply to my comment…begging for attention.

  19. CBilly91 says:

    haha are you one of those people that just try to come up with the most random comment so people will like it? begging for attention?

  20. CBilly91 says:

    wow youre trying too hard to make it look like you have a personality.

  21. illynoizz000 says:

    Remember exactly d day when i heard this track for first time. I was just about to smoke exstasy from a bucket when i noticed my cat is staring at me.
    we have been sitting there and staring at each other for couple of minutes.He was just looking at me, and his eyes were just trying to tell me: common man do it. dont be a pussy.
    slowly his smile was bigger and bigger, and i knew i have to do it. and than i puked and blacked out. Moral of the story? Dont put boiled vodka into ur anus.

  22. 0808ozlem says:


  23. venakas7 says:

    playing louder! btw lmao @ highbotech