The Divine Mantra of Avalokitesvara

People who recite this mantra, will attain the wisdom the the Buddhas. One can then easily understand the profound teachings of the Buddha. This mantra can turn the sufferings into the Bodhi mind. If one recites this mantra with a pure mind, when one is about to die, the Buddha Amitabha and Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara will come and take you to the Western Paradise of Buddha Amitabha. om mani padme hum maha jnana citto tpada cittasya na vitarka sarvartha pra siddhaka na purana na pratyutpanna namo lokesvaraya svaha

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24 responses to “The Divine Mantra of Avalokitesvara”

  1. Mirian81900 says:


  2. nicolekaro13 says:

    Amazing! My favourite mantra so far. Thank you!

  3. MARIA8635 says:


  4. rsvinekar says:

    From my limited knowledge of sanskrit and some guesswork:

    -concentrate on the lotus jewel-
    Great knowledge comes forth in thought.
    Of thought, not by discussion/gossip, by proof (siddhaka), not from the puranas(scriptures), no supernatural (come forth (utpanna) of no cause (prati) ).
    praise lokateshwara.

    Mantra of rationality. The essence of Buddhism as a sceptic but spiritual system.
    you may correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. ShekinaBodhisattva says:

    they don’t just resemble them, this IS sanskrit 🙂 the first sentance is very hard to decifer but people think it means “the jewel in the lotos flower” the jewel representing the wisdom of Buddha 🙂 for the rest i will ask my teacher to decifer 🙂 i wonder what it means

  6. bobby42121 says:

    I am an Indian and a bit “Sanskrit”. these words resemble exactly Sanskrit words. great..

  7. bcmortimer says:

    The one and only Imee Ooi from her album, “External Love”:

  8. chrishough33 says:

    beyond peaceful

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  10. moonfreak1993 says:

    ~ sweetly perfect ~

  11. ginavalery says:

    simply beautiful 

  12. ginavalery says:

    beautifull. it is just beautifull. simple beautifull.

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  14. PakDaeHan says:

    but it is not!

  15. PakDaeHan says:


  16. PakDaeHan says:

    Imee Ooi

  17. PakDaeHan says:

    It is Imeei

  18. PakDaeHan says:

    this looks like the one in the movie Conan without the horn.

  19. bigfatdick5000 says:

    Very likely related to the Sui/Tang Dynasty times, as that is when the Silk Road (Mogao Caves and Dunhuang) and the height of the Buddhist art culture is in ancient China.

  20. LotusReach says:

    That is a most beautiful statue. Does anyone knows anything about it? What time it is from, who’s hand crafted its perfection etc etc?

  21. Nonlanee4559 says:

    ไพเราะมาก  ขอบคุณที่ให้เราได้รับฟังบทสวดที่งดงามเช่นนี้

  22. Intelligenz999 says:

    Hallo an happy Xmas.

    Where Sing sis song ?



  23. tuirnval says:

  24. tuirnval says:

    great text. It really shows how the ancients had a universal sense of things. Taoism or Buddhism or Hinduism. Life is good.