The Heart Sūtra Mantra by Deva Premal

The Heart Sūtra Mantra by Deva Premal

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22 responses to “The Heart Sūtra Mantra by Deva Premal”

  1. onespirit111 says:

    Deva, so beautiful, you inspire me to be more. Gratitude for sharing your love through song!

  2. boxofradiation says:


  3. criscanna says:

    Excelente!!! Una de mis favoritas

  4. soulfoodvisnu says:

    Thanks for confirming.

  5. philospheros says:

    Yp, I am one disrespectful basterd. You were right about me now you can go and ponder your supremacy in self erotic exaltation, mr. correct 😉

  6. soulfoodvisnu says:

    Though I love Deva Premal, she cannot pronounce Sanskrt to save her life. It means “Gone, gone, utterly gone ‘to the other shore:’ enlightened well-being.” Gate gate paaragate paarasamgate bodhi svaahaa. 

  7. ururuty says:

    Think with love, love yourself and others, take all this for what it is, think about what you want (without focusing on the negative), and everything in your life will be fine), you just need to allow yourself to be happy, because we all deserve it, and then the whole universe will help you achieve the divine happiness) “love energy” also helps to live in love and harmony), love and light to all), the more good people and good thoughts, the happier life on the planet), all is for the better)

  8. MDIS says:

    Too much talk.

  9. sadiche77 says:


  10. regininhamenezess says:

    É A PAZ SENTIDA E VISLUMBRADA….”Foi, foi (Gate Gate), Foi além (Paragate), Foi completamente para a outra margem (Parasamgate), Chegou à iluminação, que maravilha (Boddhi), Que assim seja, que se manifeste (Swaha).” NAMASTÊ!

  11. aldobrazil40 says:

    In the Domains of Unity, we all are One. Words are not fit to name That Reality. Art can give us a good hint because art speaks the language of human and Divine Heart. Blessed are the ones who with simplicity, just like a child, can understand the language of Divinity in Art.

  12. shuffle263 says:

    (Andato, andato, andato oltre, andato completamente oltre, il risveglio avvenga!)

  13. margaret77449 says:

    I was listening to this mantra and my 9 yrs old (autistic) son came to me and said: I love that song! It’s so beautiful!! let’s keep it! There are words to explain my joy!! Thank you:) we all understand love, because is in our heart, God is love…….Namaste

  14. freecreations says:

    your reaction prooves lack of intelligence, and is bullshit, this has nothing to do with new age, and horrible, i’d say boy or girl what ever the hell you think you are, when you can be as peacefull as she with herself maybe your life will become better.

    New age has nothing to do with meditation or mantra’s so i guess you are under 25 year of age and unknowing, noob!!

  15. leorobertobarbosa says:


  16. birrellwalsh says:

    A bit new-agey, yes.  But – and it is a big redemption – she has brought the devotion of Hindu singing into Buddhism. That is worth doing. And she does sing well…

  17. OCAMarci says:

    Beautiful ! Namasté !

  18. Jarawara3x says:

    see more on medicinal music channel -> jarawara3x

  19. bateristaso says:

    Horrible+new age= this girl

  20. Trinetra04 says:

    The reality the words point to and their intention and the heart with which she sings.
    If it comes from a place of love, then it can only be good 🙂
    Om Om

  21. veganath says:

    Yes agree completely, the reality the words point to is infinitely more important than the words themselves

  22. 4haribo says:

    This is beautiful!! I love it very much!!!