The Kawasaki Ninja Mantra – Forever Fearless

The 2014 Kawasaki Ninja — When we build, we break the rules. Because the rules don’t often favor innovation. We engineer peak performance for anywhere ther…

10 responses to “The Kawasaki Ninja Mantra – Forever Fearless”

  1. Chris Carter says:

    Nice!! Kawasaki forever. It is for those that believe in real power and top speed. For those that want to be that much closer to the speed of light. For those that are not afraid. The other brands are for cowards

  2. JazzBot says:

    Awesome. Makes me feel foreveralone from the crowd. lololol

  3. PabloProductions1 says:

    Loved that ad. Don’t stop what you’re doing Kawasaki, can’t wait to be apart of it. #ForeverFearless

  4. Richard Murasaki says:

    nice ad , good job kawasaki

  5. AZNxPAWL says:

    I’m happy that the 300 managed to get a couple clips in. 🙂

  6. Илья Степанов says:


  7. ALT MED says:

    please tell the Kawasaki dealership in my country to provide us with better service for bikes.
    I’m from Saudi Arabia

  8. TemplateHD de Wild says:

    The Ninja Is Back

  9. TheCaptainCheddar says:

    That was breathtaking.