The Soul mantra

MANTRAS from the work of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey Soul Mantra I am the Monad, I am the Soul I am the Light Divine I am Love, I am Will I am Fixed Design I am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim on the way of love. I do not walk alone, but know myself as one with all great souls, & one with them in service. Their strength is mine. This strength I claim. My strength is theirs and this I freely give. A soul, I walk on earth. I represent the one. I am a point of light within a greater light. I am a strand of loving energy within the stream of love divine. I am a point of sacrificial fire, focused within the fiery will of God. And thus I stand. I am a way by which men may achieve. I am a source of strength enabling them to stand. I am a beam of light, shining upon their way. And thus I stand. And standing thus, revolve And tread this way the ways of men, and know the ways of God. And thus I stand The sons of men are one & I am one with them. I seek to love not hate. I seek to serve, not exact due service. I seek to heal, not hurt. Let pain bring just reward of light & love. Let the soul control the outer form & life & all events & bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight, let the future stand revealed. Let inner union demonstrate & outer cleavages be gone. Let love prevail. Let all men love. Let Light and Love and Power Restore the Plan on Earth. I am one with my group of brothers, & all that I have is theirs. May the

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  1. MichaelHGoebel says:

    Look not at Jesus’ finger – look instead at where he is pointing.
    Do not mistake the messenger for the *message* – he has been crucified *enough*.

  2. akirafactor says:

    @sthcrox Seriously, you want Jesus’s blood to wash away your sins. You sound like a satanic devilworshipper.

  3. Chickidydow says:

    Hinduism follows the same blessed tenets as Christianity. Its deities are similar those of Christianity. Mahavishnu divides himself into three separate deities similar to the holy trinity. Some speculate Christ traveled to the Himalayas to receive enlightenment. All religions are but interpretations of the lord God, too great in his scope that our mortal incarnations of him cannot begin to cover his glory. He is beyond our comprehension. His teachings, however, are not

  4. flyseventeenthirtytw says:

    This is on my playlist. However, If I could make a suggestion, I literally have to stop the meditation to rewind it to read the words. If you make another one give us a little bit more time to read the words – you could even put pictures behind the words so effects aren’t lost. Just thought I would help

  5. firebarna says:

    I LovE listening to it today Angel…bless xxx

  6. Getzia08 says:


  7. lenaabeck says:


  8. LuisMontanaCyrus says:

    I am what you call “the world”

    or perhaps, “the universe”

    or perhaps, “god”

    or perhaps, “truth”

    or perhaps, “everything”

    or perhaps, “one”

    and, I am “you”

  9. butterflygris says:

    totally agree.. namaste my friend!

  10. studmeow says:

    Jesus also said, ‘Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.’ (Matt. 10,16) Being obnoxious, narrow-minded and pushy certainly isn’t helping promote this guy’s view. Jesus showed a good example, but this guy sure isn’t.

  11. RavenOrca says:

    Jesus talked about LOVE, and this is love. Love is all we need. You should spread LOVE, not ignorance and hate. My love to you and everybody else who read this. 🙂 Namaste!

  12. butterflygris says:

    honey, this speech is so old, Christ Jesus is the one we contact with the expansion of our consciousness, through the understanding of the bigger picture of the energy of the Christ. Open your mind, we are not in different sides we are in the same side. Smile, you have been kindly blocked, for your own good. Namaste.

  13. butterflygris says:

    Ok my friend, you had enough play already. If you are to talk about Jesus Christ, you should know who he was and who he represents and what was his intent. To do that, you need to see the bible and other sacred texts from a perspective outside the box. Otherwise, you will be just repeating thoughts that were not yours, just indoctrinations. Smile, now that you are done, You just been kindly blocked.. No divisive speech allowed here.

  14. jespenguin says:

    from snail angel singapore ….. may we all share the light of divine ………… we are one and  all are one …………
    jes penguin in you tube and dolphinecare

  15. pectopunch says:

    very soothing

  16. JuanLorenZerimar says:

    Peace and love!

  17. bdcaey says:

    very lovely and so true..thankyou for the sharing..shivashanti…william

  18. deZengo says:

    Thank you as always for the love and light that you share with me / us! I could comment on video beauty and the technical aspects of creating a video – but in the end, what matters is that YOU are able to take what is withIN and share it with US! I love you as a sister / friend / and part of my immediate soul family.
    Thank you & keep on shining! deZengo

  19. 9hopelove says:

    thank you for such a peaceful and wonderful music which lifted your spirit, perfect lovely piece of music

  20. pochowpp says:

    Tu serás eternamente a minha luz

  21. wolfsquaw09 says:

    So very beautiful…Namaste!

  22. DrMickaelleDougherty says:

    How exquisite. Thank you.

  23. nightgrooveruk says:

    Namaste Thank You 🙂

  24. jazze2778 says:

    Perfect, love Satie, love Bailey and Dwahl Khul rocks!

  25. TheLadyjazzy1 says:

    Erik Satie!! Love his work!!! Magic!!!