The Ultimate 3rd Eye Activation Special – MMM Mantra – Tanzanite – 288Hz – Message to Dr. Pillai

Krishna Bhakta Patrick J. Pereira presents you the most efficient information to heal and energize your “Third Eye” to activate it´s mystical powers quickly …

25 responses to “The Ultimate 3rd Eye Activation Special – MMM Mantra – Tanzanite – 288Hz – Message to Dr. Pillai”

  1. Mark Boutwell II says:

    Were can I learn preana

  2. LEZZ LUNA says:

    Isn’t a coincidence that you start the mantra at 11:11 right?

  3. Johnny Allen says:

    Channeling is not enlightenment. That is opening a space for another entity they believe to be quan yin etc… to tell other people what the truth supposed to be. That person theirself is not actually enlightened. Bashar I believe you are talking about? i don’t even pay him no mind. I have an actual shaktipat transmission/initiation video on my page just click my name if your interested in trying it out see if it helps you might have to watch a few times to get the full benefits. Just be open.

  4. lopytube says:

    you my friend have just hit a nail that has been haunting me for a very long time.I fear alot of these…guru figures are not doing what they’re proclaiming half-way capable of doing.
    Like regardless of how pointless it is.A man in the audience of what’s his face(the male version of abraham hicks,the loud mouth,bald headed guy,starts w a b)
    A question was asked if he’s channeled,then reasonably,without a burden,he should be able to predict the audience members name.
    Next thing you know lip serv

  5. lopytube says:

    I bet he does resonate with you.I’m sure he’s not a bad looking guy..yheh?
    But more importantly how has your journey been.
    Any changes in memory,energy etc?

  6. Lisa-Marie Chu says:

    my 3rd eye is purple ! 😛

  7. Johnny Allen says:

    I know you like Dr. Pillai but I don’t put much into him as he’s just a lot of propaganda filling people up with his nonsense. If he is enlightened why doesn’t he send shaktipat to awaken your kundalini and send it to the crown chakra to activate everyone’s instead of making the video’s that he does. None of those videos will enlighten you.

  8. Katherine Machara says:

    I think you did a nice job here, great info. You have a nice presence as well. Best of luck. Namaste.

  9. MiraLaLuna11 says:

    Can i use a blue topaz instead of the suggested crystals? Thank you soo much for the video.

  10. santhoshaiyandra says:

    You have not explained about how many times it should be practiced in a day or hours or minutes

  11. Anusha Kengeri says:

    Thank you. Can the same audio be used to cleanse the heart chakra as well? If so, where must one concentrate – on the third eye or the heart region? Also, can we listen to the audio for a few minutes at a time, and still benefit from it?

  12. Bhav Pa says:

    @paulette badalamentI—>How did it go?is it worth trying

  13. Rajat Sharma says:

    hello!! brother!! do i keep my eyes open whille enchanting

  14. paulette badalamenti says:

    thank u for sharing i will post my result in a week. ive been using your binural beat one for 4days now 1x a day, my dreams r intense but as of yet i cannot rember anything from where i go when i ttravel. will see in a week. you resonate with me so im giving your way my full attn to open My heart and third eye Nameste

  15. dacha RK says:

    can i do this meditation on after eating meals or i have to maintain empty stomach condition?
    thank u

  16. wemcy rejouis says:

    thanks! man! i felt like i was plug in the ceiling wow! 🙂

  17. rob ruly says:

    so interesting i went looking for tanzanite in tanzania but the colour is induced by heat otherwise it is a dark honey gold wow life god hey

  18. Felix Yuwono Surodjo says:


  19. MartsYT says:

    thank you 🙂

  20. Emanuel B.Lefebvre says:

    I don’t know where you are right know in your spiritual quest but My advice for you is this ” when you feel like you are almost there.. just stop thinking. put your brain to off.. and allow him to just feel.. whatever he wants.. let him grow and try to not disturb him ( He’s learning ) I won’t enter the details because if your smart you’ll get this.. ” How about that patrick 4:16 😉 Oh and sorry for the misspelling Im french from Quebec! ^^

  21. Emanuel B.Lefebvre says:

    Hey I think your video is really good by the way and I would like to get your opinion. Do you think my telepath ability will increase with kinda no direction or will I be more able to control it? (might also increase) because I am afraid it just goes back like before (witch is feeling all what people around me feels) If i can control it it’s good but if I can’t well.. no need to tell you how bad it can be feelings every emotional pain around you..

  22. J. Graden says:

    I need someone to please tell me how to reach occultteachings.

  23. Marc-André Dandenault says:

    no this is good same thing for me keep doing this, also try sungazing one time and see the effects for yourself. 13love

  24. g5l2d says:

    i am having some tickling sensation in my right
    temporal lobe

  25. vxskater01 says:

    Same I know what someones gonna say after them saying one or two words