Have You Ever Said Any of These Things About Meditation?

1. I Can’t Meditate.

2. I Don’t Have Time to Meditate

3. It’s Too hard to Meditate

4. or even “What is Meditation?”

Well, I feel your pain. You see when you try to meditate, there’s a kind of Catch 22. Your mind must agree to let you do it. ┬áBut when you do it, you gain control over your mind so it has to give up power.

Think of your mind like an insecure boss. It wants to feel peace, harmony, and abundance, but doesn’t want to let go of the “norm”, which is control. It doesn’t want to change the status quo, even though a change will make everything better.

Or another complaint I hear is “I can’t sit still”, or “My back hurts”, etc, etc.

So a lot of times, you have to trick your mind into letting you meditate. And it helps if the meditation is physically easy enough so your body won’t join in the objection.

What if I could remove those obstacles in one easy stroke?

Would that interest you?

My name is Livtar Singh Khalsa. I have been practicing and teaching meditation since 1969. Even so, I’m actually a little lazy, so I’ve always had an eye out for what can make my life easier…and that includes meditation techniques.

After I show you this meditation technique, you won’t believe how easy and wonderful it is. I guarantee you can do it, regardless of age or physical condition.

Are you a seasoned Meditator? This meditation is really easy to do, but as powerful as any advanced technique you know about.

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